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on holiday...

Sporting activity also brings those looking for peace and quiet:

  • a mixture of fun

  • curiosity

  • cultural interest

  • Switch off

  • Reconsider

  • Oneness with the landscape and the events

We will give you all the info and help.



GUIDED MOPED TOURSAdventure in every respect 


Explore the area by bike


Either in the morning, when the sun has not yet developed its full power, or in the late afternoon it starts!


...inland or along the sea, past small farms, sandy fields, blooming cacti along the way, fragrant olive, fig and almond trees, quiet beaches....

Take one or two breaks to enjoy the landscape and the many small natural sights. 


Bike rental included  




A romantic old town, south of Monastir and south-east of Sousse

with almost 45,000 inhabitants. 

Largely spared from mass tourism, Mahdia offers holidaymakers everything!


Mahdia- the longest and
most beautiful sandy beach in Tunisia

The lighthouse at the tip of Cap Africa, the fishing port, the Great Mosque, dating from the 10th century, the "Bordj el Kebir" fort, the mighty city gate "Skiffa el Khala" and the tranquil Medina (old town of Mahdia) show the visitor the centuries-long emergence of Mahdia.

A tour through the narrow streets of the medina is very worthwhile. While strolling you can take a look at the various handicraft businesses.



The weekly, picturesque Friday market, a must-attend, shows us another imaginative world.

Bargaining merchants at every corner,

Seamstresses and embroiderers offer silk articles and traditional women's costumes - the tradition is still preserved here.

.......and at the same time you can enjoy the unique, impressive view in the Café Sidi Salem.


Mahdia does not live solely from tourism.

A small processing industry (olive oil, soap and canned fish) provides for the livelihood of the residents. 

Mahdia has an important fishing port.



El Jem

The third largest amphitheater in the world after the Colosseum of Rome and Capua. A must for day trippers and those interested in archaeology.  Classical concerts are held here in summer.


Sousse and Port el Kantaoui 

In the Medina you can see buildings from the Middle Ages, the fortress - the Ribat, the great mosque - the Kashba. The Archeology Museum is well worth seeing.

Port el Kantaoui offers a beautiful marina and golf course.




The historic city is known for its medieval fortress, the imposing monument of the city and the Bourguiba mausoleum.



In the middle of the stone desert, a Berber village with unique cave dwellings. Part of the world-famous movie "Star Wars" was filmed here. 


Chebika, Tamerza and Mides

Impressive mountain oases with palm groves, rugged rock formations invite you to various hikes.


Diving or snorkeling

foto 024_edited.jpg

There is always a first time, even when diving!

Step by step you can conquer the underwater world with the diving professionals.


Our friend Nejmeddine Daldoul and his team will be happy to advise you:


Snorkeling material included

foto 195_edited.jpg


Our peninsular town of Mahdia is surrounded by the sky-blue sea and the most beautiful sandy beach in Tunisia.

In the morning we drive together to the harbour, the beach or the cliffs - where hopefully the fish are already waiting for us. 

Because if you come home without fish and nothing on your plate... there is always the fish market where you can fish your own fish.

sport fisherman:

Angeln im Ozean

Other activities


Surfing, jet skiing, paragliding, quad biking, mini golf, bowling, horseback riding, car rental, city trips, camel riding, etc.

Andere Aktivitäten
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