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Personal? - YES!

If you spend your holiday with us, you don't do it anonymously, but with the Boukef family in AktivApart Laourient. "As our GUESTS and FRIENDS, experience unforgettable holidays with Tunisian hospitality and a touch of African exoticism. "


Vacation? - YES!

Under Austrian, Tunisian and Hungarian leadership you will find a successful combination that is primarily concerned with combining the culture and local customs and customs with sporting activities through a lot of personal initiative.


Our team, as our friends and family

  • Forgotten things at home

  • unfinished orders

  • no more cash exchanged

  • medicines ran out

our employees will take care of this as quickly as possible.

  • traveling alone,

  • on your own search for clues after the "Thousand and One Nights" adventure

  • unexpected situations

the numbers required for this are stored in the prepaid mobile phone!

The AktivApart Laourient team will talk to you in German, French, English, Hungarian and Arabic.

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